Monday, March 8, 2010

Front Yard Jump Sesh

This weekend a few The Riders Union Members decided to get gnarly on a jump in the front yard. These snaps were taken on Friday at around midnight after many Sierra Nevadas. We spent most of our time making sure the run-in and take off were feeling good. The landing was a big problem as it was flat and snowy.

We tried our best but could never get a good picture of Wes flying through the night sky. Everyone enjoyed this picture of Wes somehow getting his board perpendicular with the ground so this is what gets posted.

Matt was working on his indy grabs and smooth floating over the booter and into the abyss.

Cam dialed up some method grabs but didn't have enough air time to tweak them very hard. He also lit up the night sky with his neon pants. It was the pants, rather than the noise, that caused the neighbors to call the cops. Officer Sukklebalz came by and politely asked Cam to change into pants a little less florescent.

The next night we shoved a bunch of snow away from the gap making the clear just that much more gnarly. With this snow we made a really nice tranny so landings are super simple. Get stoked on The Riders Union Jump n' Jib Sesh!


  1. That's the patented nose-grab to ass-plant.

  2. I can't see your legs because you weren't wearing neon!

  3. Welcome back to the 80's. Let's invent snowboarding.