Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Riders Union; Team Challenge

Fellow RU members Matt, Wes and I were shredding the homemade kicker until midnight last night. In our state of inebriated hucking, we came up with a great idea for next week's The Riders Union 2010.

On Friday night after the Jib Sesh, we will divide our crew into 3 Teams through a randumb drawing of names out of a florescent beanie. Two Teams will have 3 guys and one Team will have 4. Each Team will then ride together at Squaw on Saturday and document their day with pictures and video. We will then upload and "edit" our respective content on Saturday evening when we get back and will play the results on the TV that night. The Team that looks to have had THE MOST FUN during their day will win insanely valuable prizes. All RU members will vote on the best compilation.

Don't worry, the Teams aren't going to isolate themselves in a shroud of secrecy. Teams are allowed to ride together. We will also have two absolutely mandatory meeting times throughout the day to eat food and drink beer (in case you didn't remember the plan: cars will be parked just steps from Squaw Village and will be loaded up with the goods).

You won't have to worry about not being on a cool team as all RU members are dope ass mofos. And if you still have questions about this idea think of this: how hard would it be to keep track of 10 snowboarders for an entire day? Breaking up the crew takes away this hassle and the contest will definitely push us to get creative and have fun on the hill.

So what constitues "FUN" you ask? Well, a sweat picture of Chad dropping a cornice sounds fun. So does a pic of Ryan spinning a 3 on a side hit. Matt pulling off rock bonks and on-ground butters on video would totally show that he's having fun. Video of Josh making a pow slash would be something I'd like to see. But let's not forget that you can also have fun on the chairlifts, gondolas, in the bars and throughout the village. Video of Camero losing a beer chug contest to an Arctic Cougar would be hilarious. Wes hi-fiving an old guy in the lift line sounds like good times. And if you think that your Team needs more fun-footage, feel free to rap up your compilation with some slides on the backyard corrugated pipe back at the house. I think you get the idea.

So plan on bringing your not-too-expensive digital cameras and video cameras for The Team Challenge. And if your Team happens to land someone who is a digital editing wiz with their laptop and can actually put together a slide show of pics and vid with Freebird blaring in the background, we are sure to be entertained.

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