Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 Riders Union Logo

It's been decided. The 2010 Riders Union logo is of a guy submitting an alligator with his fucking chin. Close second was a tie between an outline of a hand doing the "shocker" symbol, a dude in a jet pack, and a silhouette of a snowboarder throwing a gnarly method.

I really think that the Alligator Wrestler encompasses all that this year's RU brings to the table: fighting your fears, taming the beast, and showing some sick style.

We are now researching ideas on what to put our logo on. Some have called out for Dickies work shirts with gas station attendant nick-name tags. Other's prefer a hoodie. Wes wants a tank top. Regardless, this will be a keepsake that we'll all be rocking pretty hard core.


  1. OK, so we're going to have another snowboard-centric logo. Alligator Wrestling has nothing to do with snowboarding.