Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Matt Hylander: Steezy Bomber

Matt loves to slide, period. Whether it be snow, tree trunks, rock, puckboard or corrugated pipe he is down to nosepress and tailpress anything that comes in his way. More power slasher than light footed shred stick spinner, Matt destroys things with his butter knife more hard core than anyone not named Beefcake Hundox. His new Lib Tech magne-traction technology gives him insane control in the deep pow puff pack and blower turns have become even more blower-y than with past skiboards. Do not shred directly on his right unless you want a jacketful of snow shrapnel. And if there's anyone who will gladly take down an Artic Cougar in the lodge, this is our kid. So for all you dating/married dudes, please allow us to vicariously live through The Hylander at Riders Union '10 when it comes to spitting hilarious anecdotes about cork spinning humongous booters. As we all know, Artic Cougars latch claw onto anyone who talk about the super durdy funbox tailpresses they laid down in the park earlier. Steezy.

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