Friday, February 12, 2010

Marklar: King of Chuck It

Those that know Marklar understand how crazy of a mofo this guy is. He loves many things in life (cheese, breasts, wine, tits, sports, cans) and takes these loves to the absolute max. Thankfully, one of his loves just happens to be having as much fun as he possibly can on a snowboard. When Marklar rides with a good crew, he is so fired up that he will most likely hurt himself trying to push it. Which is totally awesome not only on the humor scale of his fellow crew members, but, more importantly on the STOKED factor of the entire group. When Marklar brings The Stoke, he not only improves his riding but also the riding of everyone else he's getting totally gnarly with. The Riders Union cannot function properly without a member who's amp factor we all constantly feed off of.


  1. Marklar, isn't there a video of you getting, like, really huge air you showed me one time? Was that even you, or were you messing with me?

    Wait, now I'm pissed at you....

  2. markwith's response to that question when I posed it was "dude, just search for 'didn't land it' on youtube".....which DID'NT work!