Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Josh: Beefcake Slayer

Josh "Beefcake" Hundo uses his substantial college football build to literally shred the snow off of the mountain and into bolivian. A pow-hound at heart, this guy went to South Shore Soliders Adult Snowboard Camp in 2006 and bypassed the perfectly manicured jumps, rails, funboxes and babes to make his snowboard instructor show him where the pow was. Out of 50 people in the camp, Beefcake was the only one to constantly sniff out the pow of Heavenly over a 5 day period. So when Josh launches, he makes sure to land in some sweet, fluffy white stuff.

Josh is a vital member of The Riders Union. His "drink more beer" attitude paired with his veteran nose for the pow (ha!) immediately ups the fun factor of any snowboarding mission.

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